Ruinism | Trow

Carlos Cipa

07. 02. 2018, 19:30

Ruinism | Trow

Palác Akropolis

Stuart Howard, known to most as the longstanding and always-innovative Brainfeeder producer Lapalux. For Lapalux, whose layered synths and explicit drum patterns can convey a message of strict precision, his process is actually one distinguished by intuition and improvisation, a method that’s boded well in his endeavours scoring films and performance art pieces in his current home of London. Most recently, he composed the soundscape for ‘ABSENT’, a performance art piece presented by dreamthinkspeak in conjunction with the film festival LIFT, and later scored a piece for an art performance entitled ‘Depart’ presented by the same organization.

Stuart Howard’s third album Ruinism veers off into the abstract, somewhere between a classical and post-electro mindset. Its many guests are never spotlit and yet its textures never lack a human soul.

Carlos Cipa & Occupanther are a German collaborative duo of German composers. They will present in Prague their collaborative album “Trow”.