10. 03. 2020, 20:00


Divadlo X10

LABRYS: an immersive movement performance and space-sound composition
Choreography: Krišjānis Sants & Ieva Gaurilčikaitė
Music: Jēkabs Nīmanis
Performers: Jana Jacuka, Ieva Gaurilčikaitė, and Krišjānis Sants

An immersive dance performance comparable to a labyrinth, both because of its geometrical shape and its effect on perception of time. Though a labyrinth’s construction may seem simple at first, it offers a complexity in which spectators/listeners can easily lose themselves for a while. Latvian dancer/creators Ieva and Krišjānis specialize in making performances to be experienced from within. In this show performers move around and between the seated audience, while in turn, audience members rotate around on special stools or move from stool to stool, contributing to the choreography.

Labrys creates imagined, architectonic constructions through movement and sound. Two minds and two bodies have constantly work together to perform mathematically complicated spacial combinations, construct a labyrinth by travelling through it. Both the movement trajectories and sound of Labrys are like live tracers, spontaneously emerging in space and vanishing again.

Experimental composer Jēkabs Nīmanis on working on Labrys: “Often the creative impulse to participate in a project is irrational. What is irrational about Labrys is the idea of submitting to structural and mathematical impulses and rejoicing in their variations. But music, one of the most abstract and misunderstood forms of communication, has its own analogies and contradictions. Like space, time and movement, music exists independently of human-designed concepts. The beauty of these is absolute when expressed through mathematical formulas. The opportunity to design music based on mathematical movement in present dimensions of space and time is really exciting.”

The project is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation.