All Together Again

Peter Broderick

06. 02. 2018, 19:30

All Together Again

+ Carlos Cipa
Spanish synagogue

Peter Broderick is an American-born multi-instrumentalist and singer. In his later teenage years he became entwined in the indie folk scene in Portland. 2007 saw Broderick move across the ocean to Denmark, where he began a long collaboration with the band Efterklang. He then lived in Berlin for several years where he met and collaborated with many like-minded artists including German pianist Nils Frahm under the name Oliveray.

There is no end to composer Peter Broderick’s creative output, and so we present to his new album titled All Together Again.

Carlos Cipa is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Munich.Over the last couple of years Carlos Cipa played over 120 concerts all over Europe and shared the stage with like-minded musicians like Hauschka, Ólafur Arnalds.

Album All Your Life You Walk is unique contemporary compositions fraught with beauty, tension and emotional intensity, clearly presenting the unique voice of a young composer, who is fascinated by classical and contemporary composers ranging from Mozart, Debussy or Ravel to Steve Reich, but is also inspired by modern bands like The National or Mogwai.