Dance of magnetic ballerina
15. 02. 2018, 20:00

Dance of magnetic ballerina

+ Artist Talk
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Andrea Miltnerová is a British dancer and choreographer of Czech origin who lives in Prague. For the past few years she has been specialising in Baroque dance and its creative fusion with other techniques, above all contemporary dance. She was born and trained in London and came to Prague to dance with the Ballet of the National Theatre. She currently collaborates as a performer with various Czech and foreign creators.

Dance of the Magnetic Ballerina: Movement in the context of image and sound – image and sound in motion. The magnetic ballerina flutters inside a minimalist yet multi-dimensional space created to expand our perception and experience of dance. Intense movement sequences fuse with a collage of sound and a unique, interactive lighting design to relate a nonviolent, at times irritating, at times vulnerable, personal testimony of an obstinate obsession with movement.

Chosen as a priority performance for 2013 by the prestigious European network Aerowaves.

Performance will be followed by Artist Talk with Andre Miltner.