Rafael Anton Irisarri + Simon Scott

American composer and musician Rafael Anton Irisarri is one of the most remarkable personalities of ambient music. He melts his melodies into abstract atmosphere on the edge of dreams and reality, and connects modern classical music, field recordings together with massive drones. He is also known from The Sight Below project, with whom he firstly introduced himself to his local audience about 10 years ago.
The ambient evening will also star the British multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound designer, Simon Scott, who, from his drumming career in Slowdive, the legendary shoegaze band, shifted to delicate ambient enriched by field recordings. The field recording phenomenon will also be the theme of his workshop that will take place during the festival. In Prague, he will present his brand new album, Soundings, that will be released this February by the iconic label, Touch of London.


💡Boris Vitazek is new media artist based in Bratislava, Slovakia. His works span large landscape of media – interactive installations, sound design, game development, live visuals, and many other mediums. There is a line of development between his works, fascination with world creation, space and architecture, and inner mental states. His live visuals are balancing on the edge of game art, they often feature worlds that move to the dynamic of sound, thematically bound to its atmosphere.

💡Jan Nálepa moves within the field of multimedia art, creates musical and visual compositions, interactive and kinetic installations, objects, animations and computer generated graphics.

Tickets presale 300 CZK, at the door 400 CZK.