Workshop: Taylor Deupree - Ambient Label Strategy
20. 03. 2020, 18:30

Workshop: Taylor Deupree - Ambient Label Strategy

Vyšehradská 51, Praha 2

In the last quarter of the century, New York’s 12k has become one of the most important labels in experimental electronics. Under this label, there are various forms of modern minimalism, ambient and acoustic sound experiments. Founded in 1997 in New York, by composer and producer Taylor Deupree, hundreds of recordings have been released. “We want to create something beautiful, albeit small, in this overcrowded, violent world in which we live. A small space – a place to breathe,” explains Deupree’s philosophy of the label, which is also reflected in the strictly simple aesthetics of the album covers: always just a single photograph.

Deupree’s roots are in the early techno scene – in the late eighties he worked at the label Instinct, where Moby also published during that time. In the nineties he was a member of the successful techno group Prototype 909, but with the solo project, Human Mesh Dance, he immersed himself in ambient experiments, which became his lifelong love. He founded 12k in response to the way his music was handled by other labels. From the 1998 techno-ambient album, to the Fridman Variations last year, Deupree’s discography sets the standard of high quality. He has also worked with a number of famous musicians, including several recordings with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Frank Bretschneider and Stephan Mathieu. Deupree is also a photographer and designer.

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