24. 02. 2018, 23:00


Zenker Brothers, Skee Mask, Andrea (live), Stenny
AV Jan Hladil

ILIAN TAPE was founded in 2007 and is run by the Zenker Brothers. Over the years artists from all over the place e.g Argentina, Serbia, Italy, UK, USA or Japan have joined the family and contributed to define a diverse but always personal label sound. It’s not about big clean studio productions, but more about the human touch in music.

Dario Zenker, natural-born dancer and Mowgli-like wild boy was raised in Germany’s Deep South on a diet of Wu Tang, Gangstarr, Michael Jackson and sweet mustard. Marco joined the label and since then the brothers run it together. On new years eve 2008 he had his first club gig and many years of playing live followed. Nowadays he mainly tours together with Dario as Zenker Brothers.

Born and raised in Turin, passionated by music and art, Andrea tries to mix sundry elements related to 90s Breakbeat and IDM with excursion to warehouse techno and house.

Rising in Turin and currently based in Munich, Stenny debuts with his first 12″ Solstice Deity on the Zenker Brothers label Ilian Tape in 2013. Mainly inspired by the spirit of 90’s Techno and IDM, his contribution as a producer could be described as club focused but not merely functional.

Skee Mask is a versatile producer from Munich, who doesn’t want to be identified. In his DJ sets he tries to create a deep trip, constituted of organic grooves and diverse clang accompaniments.