Robot Koch: Sphere
15. 10. 2020, 19:30

Robot Koch: Sphere

Planetárium Praha

Robot Koch takes the spectator on a journey into space in Sphere’s unique audiovisual experience.

Composer Robert Koch, known in the music world as Robot Koch, is a German musician currently based in Los Angeles. He has been on the scene since the start of the millennium. He first became famous as a member of the weird-pop group Jahcoozi, released solo on Monkeytown Records, Bpitch Control and remixed Max Richter and Norah Jones. He comes to Prague with his latest project, Sphere, a unique audiovisual experience created specifically for planetarium projection screens. The Spectaculare will take place on October 15th, in Prague’s Holešovice district. There will be two screenings : 19:30 + 21:00

Robot Koch, along with graphic designer Mickael Le Goff, invite viewers onto a breathtaking voyage of near and distant universes in Sphere, where we observe the surfaces of the planets and starbursts at close range. Sphere is an immersive experience in which Koch’s music is an integral part – the drones, acid synthesizer surfaces, and the electronic pulse are all designed to create a somewhat oppressive, yet liberating, atmosphere of the free cosmos. It’s especially outstanding because of the 7.1 surround sound system of the planetarium.

Sphere was released on Koch’s label, Trees and Cyborgs, in 2018. Unlike the previous albums, Koch did not collaborate with any vocalists, but his own voice was heard in two songs. Originally for the Zeiss Planetarium in Berlin, the audiovisual project traveled all over the world and will finally arrive in Prague as part of the Festival Spectaculare. Set out with Sphere to explore the universe, which may be closer to us than we think. Ultimately, the discovery of cosmic dales can lead to a path of discovery of our inner selves.