07. 03. 2019, 20:00


Studio ALTA

A light installation of geometric lines, in which performer, choreographer and musician Stanislav Genadiev examines man’s complex relationship to the outside world. Are we trapped by events that influence our behaviour? Do things happen in the world intentionally, or are they just quirks of fate?  Interacting with hypnotic audio-visual effects, Genadiev creates his own dance variation on C. G. Jung’s theory of synchronicity. The performance will be followed by the artist’s own DJ set, in which he uses his own recordings to intertwine UK bass, dub, breakbeat and jazz.

Cena  250 Kč.

Idea, choreography and performance: Stanislav Genadiev
Light design: Viktor Georgiev
Sound design: Stanislav Genadiev
Set design: Evgenia Sarbeva and Viktor Georgiev
Creative assistant: Violeta Vitanova
Psychology-consultant: Stanislava Simeonova
Producer: Creative Box
Executive producer DNK: Petko Stoyanov

Duration: 50 min.