Open | By the deep sea

Grandbrothers are Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel. After meeting at university in Dusseldorf, Erol and Lukas formed Grandbrothers to tie together their respective musical backgroundsand disciplines: Erol is a trained jazzpianist, while by day Lukas constructs synthesizers at Access Music. Together, they create a sound that combines classicalcomposition withmodern, experimental production and sound design.

In his compositions the Italian pianist and composer Federico Albanese combines elements from classical, pop and ambient. With his music, , Milan native, leads the way into easy-to-feel sound worlds and combines different styles. The varied musical influences found in his arrangements reflect his intense passion for music.

Federico’s new album “By The Deep Sea” is a work of remarkable nuance, elegance and, naturally, depth. Albanese provides its crucial instrument, piano, as well as a host of others, including Rhodes piano, synthesizers, Hammond organ, electric, acoustic and bass guitars, plus field recordings.